My father-in-law needs help with bathing, cleaning his bedroom, and etc. Any advice?

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My father-in-law (98) lives with us and has for the last 23 yrs.

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Debijur, could your father afford to hire a paid caregiver for 3 or 4 hours a day to help him with these items? That would give you relief to do things for yourself.

I have paid caregivers 3 shifts a day for my Dad who is in his 90's and still lives under his own roof. These young professional gals/guys are doing a fantastic job, and Dad says he feels like a King :)
Check into getting a home health nurse to come bathe him about 3 times a week. That is what they did for my father. There was no charge for it. I think your first place to start would be with a social worker. If you can't find one, call your local hospital.
If you call your Area Agency on Aging they can point you in the right direction. A bath aid would be great if you feel he would be embarrased by having you help him. Also it takes some stress off you. If he has the finances hiring a private caregiver is wonderful, you will have same person everytime so they can develope a relationship and routine. I recommend care site for hiring a private caregiver. I worked for people i met on that site.
I think Medicare pays for some in home help, check with his Dr
If he or his spouse is/was a vet, the VA may be able to help. Check with your local office.
Either do the work yourselves or ask the doctor to order ADLs professional services. Medicare will pay as long as it is necessary for him.
I have aids for both my parents, who come in a few times a week to bathe them. My mother has one through hospice, my father through his Medicaid plan. See if your father in law's health plan covers home care, if not see what's available that he or you can afford. It's been a Godsend to me.
A walk-in bathtubs would be the solutions, visit: to get more information
Medicare will pay if he meets the qualifications,a doctor has to order it.I take care of elderly man 24/7 He was being bathed 2 x a week through agency paid for by Medicare.Bed baths in between.good luck
Check out a local in home care company. Interview several and ask about the number of hours per day and day per week the company may require. There is a difference between in home care and in home medical care. You do not need in home medical for bathing and dressing, cleaning etc. Check with his insurance to see if they will help pay.

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