I'm trying stop them but they won't let anybody there and changed number so I can't call and been threating me.

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You can call Adult Protective Services yourself without talking to your brothers or your Mom.  You DO NOT need their phone number.  You do NOT need your brothers or your Mom's PERMISSION to file a report.  The APS will contact your brothers about receiving a report and that they are doing a follow-up of that report.
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Frankie, why do your brothers want to put your mom in a nursing home? Your profile says she lives with you. Is she living with you? Or are they taking care of her and she has just become too ill to care for? Don’t you feel she belongs in a nursing home? Would you be willing to care for her? Do your brothers have guardianship or Power of Attorney for her? We need a little more information to be able to give advice. You posted under the Elder Abuse topic. If you feel she’s being abused, call Adult Protective Services and report your brothers. 
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i cant brothers wont let me now changed number so i cant talk to my mom
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