Need financial help in taking care of my brother. Where can I turn for help?


He is partially blind, has early parkinson disease, gets confused occassionally, has gotten up got dressed to go deliver papers, think our parents are alive on occassision gets dressed to go somewhere with them. I schedule and take him to Doctor appointments I have to cook, shave, wash his clothes,clean his room, he has to use a bedside comode,he has end stage glaucoma and cataracts. where can I turne for help

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What I would do is call your county's Social Services department and ask for a needs assessment for him. The person who comes out will be very knowledgeable about not only what the county offers but also other resources available to him. Is your brother on Medicaid now? If not, that will probably be the worker's first suggestion. Be sure you are present during the assessment interview. Persons with dementia are often not very realistic about what they need. It is common for them to claim they don't need any help!

Best wishes to you in getting some help. You certainly deserve it!
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