My brother moved his family into mom's house when he was evicted from his. Mom is 85 and has medical issues. He has 3 small children 3, 5, 9. The younger ones are constantly jumping on my mother when she is sitting in her recliner. The mother doesn't watch the kids at all. As long as they are not wanting anything from her they can pretty much do as they please. My mother gets very angry at my SIL and calls her names. My SIL is starting to antagonize my mom so my brother will get them there own place. Recently my mother pushed her away from her and had a water bottle in her hand and hit my SIL in the mouth with it when she was pushing her out of her personal space. So my SIL called the police on mom. How do I convince my brother they should go stay with someone else until they find a place? I fear my mother's health is at risk due to my SIL and the kids having no supervision. HELP My brother stays there rent free buys very little grocerys, and mom pays for his gas to work.

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Dear Angie,

I'm very sorry to hear what is going on. Its very hard with family. Is there any chance you can get Adult Protective Services involved? This might require a social worker to help the family sort out what is best for everyone. Given your mom's age of course she needs less stress and better care, but at the same time is very hard to evict your brother's family. I hope the social worker can help you.
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