My brothers wife just passed away. He is on Medicare and Medicaid here in Maryland. He is disabled cannot take care of himself. As his sister can I get paid to take care of him ?

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I just read your profile which is a little confusing. Do you also have limitations. How old is brother, how old are you? If you have limitations, I would not take this on. Your profile says you r burnt out from caring for a husband?
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marcy50 Jan 2019
You woke me up ,,yes I cannot take on no more than I already have..thanks dear
Ahminjoy answer is spot on.

What it seems you are are asking about is usually referred to as IHHS (In Home Health supportive/services). I’ve been on this forum 5+ years and it seems really only AZ & CA have well established IHHS systems with some sort of training (like Red Cross cpr) done. The usual seems 20 hrs a week at slightly above your areas minimum wage with taxes, fica done. It’s taxable income paid to you the caregiver. The elder - even though living still in the community at their home - may need to have a portion of their monthly income be paid to the state to offset the costs the state pays the caregiver depending on their community based asset/income max for Medicaid program for your state.

Medicaid is a “needs based” entitlement. And the “need” is BOTH financially and medically.

He will have to have a medical needs assesment done. State will either send out a RN/SW duo or have an outside contractor who does these. He or his dpoa will have to sign off a HIPPA release so they can access his health chart. To me the assessment is totally a “watch what you wish for”..... cause should his needs show him ”at need” for over 30/32-35+ hrs of care a week, he may be viewed as best off in a facility with 24/7 oversight as there flat is not live in family able to doing oversight/care for 168 hrs a week. Assessment can also look at his living situation as to whether it can support any adaptation needed (like a hoyer lift, or ADA compliant ramp).

As an aside on this, multigenerational families who are themselves lower income but live with Grannie or Great Auntie in her home or live elsewhere but work part time (so can go to grannies & help out) have a better chance of getting state paid community based services as they can show family there to fill in for free whatever state program doesn’t.
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On this forum, family caregivers getting paid to care for other family members are as rare as hen’s teeth. I understand that in some states, Medicaid does have caregiver allowances, but they are state specific and you’d have to contact your local Medicaid office. Plus, it’s been my experience that Medicaid’s wheels turn painfully slowly (especially now with the shutdown) while they examine every minutiae of his life and your’s. Also, whatever they give you will not be enough to live on. I learned I’d get $40 a week.

If he’s able, he can pay you out of his pocket, so to speak. You will need a Caregiver Agreement that you csn both sign. I understand there is a template on this site.
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