Need a place for Mom and Dad together. Mom is independent, Dad a stroke victim and needs nursing care?

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Need a place in North Austin, Texas. Mom cares for self, Dad needs care- currently in nursing facility -- but I need parents together-- they have been apart now, because of stroke- 19 months. Dad is improving, right side damaged and no voice. Learning to stand with left leg and left arm, brain is starting to rewire. Dad is 83, Mom 81 and they have known each other 68 yrs, WWII children of concentration camps in Dutch East Indies. So they have been through life together --being apart is starting to wear on Mom as well as Dad. I drive back and forth to nursing facility bringing mom to visit every day. Wearing out, finances are become tight too. Need a place that will care for dad and still give mom independence yet care for her needs as well. Dad has feeding tube and supra pubic. He lives at Parkbend (great place), ten minutes from Mom and 2 minutes from me. I need a place close by for both, Mom is beginning to show signs of tiredness of everything, though her health is good.

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