Trying to find a home or qualified facility for 74 year old male with Alzheimer's Dementia. He qualifies for Medicaid which is needed toward funding. His Dementia is in early stage as he can still feed himself, shower himself, dress himself, walk without assistance, and communicate easily (holds conversations very well). Short term memory is a problem but not to the point that he can't remember .remembering how to go from one point to another. He does not need to be with advanced Dementia patients as it would be devastating to him. He is on a medication that is helping but not stopping the disease. He can no longer live where he is as it is too much of a burden on his 94 year old Mother nor can he live by himself. He currently lives in Mooresville, NC. Essentially, most of the palaces we have visited will not accept him because he is too mobile or the places care for late stages of dementia and he would have no one to talk to or any independence at all.

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Sara, with Medicaid, your Dad would need to go to a Nursing Home that accepts Medicaid. It is difficult when a patient doesn't quite need skilled nursing but needs to have a keeper to make sure he is safe. And with Medicaid, one has to wait for an open bed.

You might want to check with North Carolina Medicaid programs to see if they might have a program where "vouchers" are handed out to patients so that they could live in Assisted Living [which is different from a nursing home]. The vouchers would cover some cost, but your Grandmother's Son would have to pay for the balance each month. Assisted Living has residents with a vary of different stages of memory issues.
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Try contacting the area or county agencies on aging to do a needs assessment and help identify resources
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