I'm thinking about buying one of those clocks you can set to different sounds that are supposed to be helpful for relaxing or sleeping. it can be set to play continuously or to shut off after a set time. I know they help normal people, but I'm concerned that someone with dementia might wake up and be confused or frightened, and wonder where they are, hearing white noise, or forest or ocean or other nature sounds.

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Hi Kabeeena
Hmmm, I know what you are talking about --- maybe you could try and play some off of iTunes. Or do you have a Kindle Fire? You can go to their " music store" and purchase a nature song for just a buck or 2 I think to give it a shot and see if she likes it.

My daughter falls asleep, almost every night, to a CD I got from Target- from one of those kiosks in the store- you can push a button and hear a sample of the cds-it is relaxing classical piano. She loves it. We are wearing it our and I cannot find another one!

My Mom hates sound. She is very sensitive to sound -always has been (things like fans, wiper blades, drive her crazy) - so I do not try any music or white noise for her though she cannot sleep.
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