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Ginger, you need to find a therapist or a social worker who will help you deal with your feelings and sort things out. I know it sounds cliche but it really will help. You can do 100 activities to get your mind off of things but the feelings are still there. You’ve had a lot to deal with. I promise that finding someone to talk to will lift the burden you’re carrying.
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JoLoBx Sep 21, 2018
Absolutely agree. The fact that you may be doing the "right" things will not make you feel better, because if you were feeling better, you wouldn't be writing about it here. Talking to a social worker will help you. I have been there so I know what I am talking about. Your burden will be lifted.
Thanks all for your replies and taking time to read. You have made me feel like I'm OK with everything going on with health issues and coping with the associated drama. All the best to everyone here as well. It is nice to have this forum to share and discuss. ((cyber hugs))
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You're not invisible. :)

Your ability to stand back from this situation and name it all with clarity is impressive. And yep, this is life, "normal" isn't really relevant. It just is what it is. And even when you can see it with clarity it can still be heartbreaking. Good for you for taking care of yourself so well, so you can be there for your husband and your kitty. If all that feels right then it is right so keep it up.

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I think you have it very right! Keep going!

Someday you may want to consider fostering a child or adopting an abandoned or orphaned child. There are so many neglected children in the foster care system now because their parents and often extended family have addiction issues. There may be a few problems when you first get them because they may not have learned to trust grownups much, but once they realize they can count on you they will open their hearts and soak up all the love you can give.
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jacobsonbob Sep 21, 2018
Adoption of the children of addicted parents can go well, but I know a family in which the experience was quite different, so one certainly needs to proceed with caution and get all the details about any children you consider adopting. The children can be affected by drugs in utero, and adoption agencies aren't always completely candid about the history or behavior of the children.
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Very good job so far... It takes tough choices, & you have already made several good choices toward preserving your own peace. In our gut we know he much we can take, & who is toxic, & when "no-contact" is needed. Stay on track, you're going to do well, if you don't waiver: (especially when the holidays come). Hang tough👏😊👍
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Ginger, I’m so sorry....about everything. Removing yourself from the toxicity that is your family was the only thing you could do. Stop listening to “he said, she said” when you hear they’re insulting you. They have their own toxic little triangle.

You are making progress. You say you’re feeling better. That means you’re doing it right. Kisses to the baby kitty!
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