I just received guardianship of my mother and her estate. I went into the bank to add my name to her accounts and to set up a guardianship account. Gave them all the paperwork. They now tell me that her accounts have to go back to just her and I have to set up just one account for guardianship and the money in her accounts cannot be spent, because my mom had put on the accounts all the siblings for POD. I stated that the beneficiary would stay the same and what would that matter because that only comes into play when she dies. I stated my mom has not died yet. I stated that once she dies, my guardianship ends and goes to the executor. Again they stated that my name cannot be added to any of the accounts except the guardianship account. My lawyer told me that I am able to pay bills and get her house ready to sell using her money. How do I do this if I cannot get to her money to pay the bills. Also the girl that set it up stated that she made a mistake and her and the other girl in the bank were wrong and they were texting each other at 10:00 the night before trying to figure it out and so they stated that the court as to say what bank account goes into the guardianship account. I stated well it will be all of them because I am now paying for a nursing home and she has to be able to pay for the nursing home stay. Also I stated to the girl whether that is ethical for them to be texting back and forth on their phones about my mothers accounts and about the guardianship. I then looked up the one girl on face book and she is friends with my niece who is a manager at another bank and I am sure my niece is not aware that I had guardianship and they were probably talking about the pod because my brother is on the form. So I go back to my attorney or the court and have them do what? I thought it was easier to just keep her money at the bank she was use to all these years, but now I think I need to move the money to my bank in a guardian account. I now know how my brother always knew what was going on with my moms accounts without my brother talking to my mother for over six years. Her bank accounts are over a 45 minute drive, and it would only make sense that I close her accounts out and move the money to the guardianship account, can I do that and what else do I need. I gave them all the court documents. They stated that they needed to know which accounts I can add my name too because she cannot make that decision. I stated I know that is why I am guardian for her. What are they talking about??? So they are putting all the accounts back in her name only and closing out the guardianship account?

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