My one and only next of kin is my Husband who will be the beneficiary in my will
that I have yet to contact counsel about. I know I will be asked for contingent heirs but there are none. And in the instance my Husband should predecease me, who will execute my last will and testament? I am 68 years old and at a complete loss as how to proceed. I would probably donate to charities??? but don't know how to go about this. How would I go about researching their organizations? Would I check my own self in to a continuing care facility or assisted living? I have no friends close enough to rely on and feel that I am all alone in this (which I am)! My Husband does have family but I have never met them so they are out of the question. I am groping for viable answers and is anyone else in this type of situation? Please help...

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Yes, you can name a charity as a contingent beneficiary, make sure you have the name and address correctly, as in "Fourth Baptist Church of Alexandria, 100 Union St, Anytown, State" and if there is a particular division or ministry within the organization you can also specify that, such as "Pipe Organ Fund". For the Executor you could also consider that it's best to have it be someone who lives locally, so that they can handle your final affairs more economically than if they have to drive an hour (or much more) to clean out & sell your house
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If your attorney is younger than you and you fully trust him, ask him to be Executor. The estate would pay him a standard fee for his service, set by the law of your state. He will have answers for you.
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