Grandma takes care of papa, she now has cancer and chemo Sister and I are moving out to their town to take care of them. How can we get assistance or become care givers if out grandparents don't qualify for state help?

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Since when have parents started washing their hands of their own parents and passed things on to their own children? This seems to be a growing trend.

Where are your parents and their siblings who are the adult children of your grandparents in all of this? This should be their responsibility to oversee, not yours. Cancel the trip and tell your parents and their siblings to take care of this matter. I would never expect my 22 and 24 year old sons to be in charge of my 89 year old dad's care?
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Cancel the trip. Let their children take care of them. You need to take care of your own life and future.
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What is your experience with bathing and diapering elderly patients? It is a difficult thing that you are taking on. I hope that at least one of you are trained in health care.

Be certain that you have a plan, for after they are gone. Generally, they will end up in a nursing home and then, you might not have a place to live.

It is good that you would consider helping, but doing it 24/7 (and no one will help you, no matter what they say, now) will wear you thin, quickly.
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How old are your grandparents? What medical issues does your grandfather have? Curious why your Mom or Dad aren't taking charge for their own parent's care, or are they unable to do so?

How old are you and your sister? Will you both be giving up employment to be full-time Caregivers or will you both be looking for work in your grandparent's area? Will either of you be leaving behind your own family or spouse? Quitting school?

The only way either of you will get paid is if your grandparents pay you from their own pocket since they wouldn't qualify for Medicaid at this point in time, or if you live in California which has a program to pay a relative to care for a love one.

You both should take some type of health care courses, learn CPR, etc. to help better equip yourself for the long task ahead.
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You are not going to get paid. Cancel the trip.
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