I have questions that relate to how much and what kind of on-going contact should I try to have with her. The facility allows visiting late in the day and phone calls within reason.

To clarify: First the treatment center is NOT trying to limit my contact...that is left to me. My concern is how closely should I stay in contact with my wife? She doesn't remember my calls or visits from one day to the next. Sometimes she is having one of her anger spells. Some days she thinks she's in church there .... sometimes she thinks she is in an AA meeting sometimes other things/places.

I don't mind listening to her mind wanderings but I do wonder if some of my visits/calls don't stir up old memories that cause her confusion today. (We've been married 55 years).

I want to do all I can to help but not to stir up old memories that are unpleasant for her. I ask the staff there this question and their answer is do what make you (me) most comfortable.

Any input? If anyone wants to contact me directly my e-mail is and I don't mind giving out my phone number. I can block any calls that are off base.

Second, are there any group meetings caregivers could attend to get other input? I live in ZIP code 77586 ... that's just outside Houston toward Galveston...

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