My uncle came to live with me after losing his home that he owned. This person stole everything he had. How do I get him into a nursing home?


He signed a POA to this person because he mentally and physically is unable to care for himself. He also is an alcoholic. I now have his POA and he is well cared for but he has become unruly and mean. He refuses to go to the doctor or have tests done. His doctor at the VA hospital will not help with getting him into a NH. She feels she hasn't seen him enough to determine that's where he needs to go. He's 70 years old and hard to handle and refuses to go to a home. I have no idea how to get him into one. I just don't feel like I can let him walk out the door and live on the streets. That's what he intends to do if I try to get him into one. Any suggestions?

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Because of his mental and addiction issues, your uncle needs professional help. He is obviously in denial. He needs more care than you can provide. Since you can’t count on his doctor to have him evaluated, call Adult Protective Services or your local Agency on Aging and have them come out to determine what sort of help they can provide, maybe a rehab. I have to think it’s not safe for you to live with him since he is “unruly” which i understand to mean he’s out of control. Where does he get the alcohol? Is he driving to bars or stores to buy it or are you providing it for him?

Has anything been done to find out what happened to the previous caregiver and everything they stole from him?
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Is he drinking now, Worried?
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Crazyworried, what happened to the person who had "stolen" everything including your Uncle's home? Time to talk with an Elder Law Attorney to see what can be done regarding this matter.
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