How to find a med professional to take him? My stepmother needed to move to another state, for various reasons. She wants to move my father as well, when a room comes open in memory care. She doesn't know how to find a professional who can travel with him; they will need to fly.

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I suggest googling "medical transport" or "medical escort". There are several companies that provide medical escorts for situations like this.

For my own situation last month, I considered AeroCare and Global Med Services.

In the end, however, I ended up driving from San Diego to Columbus, Ohio with my MIL, her cat, her caregiver (paid all of her expenses plus a salary, of course). Her delusions/sundowning became too unpredictable for air travel, plus the cat added more complications, even though it was a non-stop flight. To try to fly with connections was even more daunting. If we had flown, it would have been with either her long-time caregiver or a medical escort from the companies mentioned above. In the end, I had serious concerns that my MIL could feasibly cause enough of a problem to get us kicked off a flight.

I know for certain both companies will certainly discuss your situation, needs, and provide you with information as to what their escort will provide and give you an estimate for an escort, etc.

Best wishes in your search.
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How far away is it? Some people have posted about trips with a mobile home, complete with bathroom. If you click on 'care topics' on the site screen above, then scroll down the alphabetic list to T, you will find lots of articles, questions and discussions about Travel. Perhaps something there might be a help.
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If Dad on Medicaid, that is first problem. Medicaid does not go over state lines.

Taking an ALZ person on a plane is not wise. If incontinent how is a person suppose to change him in those tiny bathrooms. What if he freaks out because he is in a strange place. I am sure people will chime in on this.

Maybe just leave him where he is if there is family close by.
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