I don't want him in pain and he doesn't seem to be. He is on pain medication.

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Yes caffiter and throw away and washable bed pads.medical supply stores and cvs or walgreens has a lot of incontinence stuff .
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My husband had a permanent catheter, and as he neared the end of his life, he had very little urine coming out, and what did come out, looked more like blood than urine.
If he is comfortable I would let him be, and if need be the hospice nurse can always use a condom catheter, so not to cause him any additional pain, by having to insert one.
Like already suggested, you can just keep the bed pads(chucks)under him, to catch any urine should it come out.
I'm sorry that you're husband is dying. As hearing is the last sense to go, make sure that you're leaving nothing left unsaid. God bless you.
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How much water / liquids has he had? If he's in the final stages, and he hasn't taken much in, he's probably breathing it all out. Haven't you ever wondered about the Western-type TV movies where someone is in a coma? Because they don't eat or drink, there's nothing to get rid of. If you're concerned about the bed, put absorbent cloths under him. And Manuka honey can prevent and heal any sores that begin from immobility.
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This is something you should discuss with the Hospice Nurse. And it is something that I would have made a call to the 24 hour number. There is always a nurse that can answer questions and if they think it is necessary they will send out a nurse anytime day or night.
The goal of Hospice is to keep patients comfortable and that may mean inserting a catheter.
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Is he on hospice now? Ask his nurse.

I am so sorry that you are struggling with this.
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