My son has a Spinal cord injury. He is now on Medicare with an Aetna Advantage Plan. He only gets about 1100 month in disability. He is currently living in my parents house which will be sold due to a road project. He has many issues with his health and has to pay a 40.00 co - pay every time he goes to the doctor. He will receive money from the sale of my parents home which will need to be used to find another place to live. It seems that all of the resources are under Medicaid. How will the money he receives from my parents home affect Medicaid should we apply?

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Medicaid for health insurance or Medicaid for his care in a nursing home? Depending on the amount of money, you may want to consider a special needs trust. Medicaid has to be informed of it but can't use it in calculating income. If talking about a nursing home, in NJ you r only allowed $2000 in your banking account. So, the money will need to be spent down. He can use the money for private pay and file for Medicaid but it has to be 2000 or below when Medicaid takes over. In NJ, once you r Old for Medicaid you have 60days in which to spend down and find a nursing home. Paying privately for two months took most of Moms money.
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