My son is 47 years old and had a severe stroke and has no short term memory. I am his caregiver and he only gets SSI. Any advice?


Is there any other help for him or some kind of relief for me?

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I would hope he has Medicaid. Usually goes hand in hand with SSI. Call Medicaid and ask if you can have an aide. Ask about Daycare. They may pay fully for this. That way you get a break. Moms DC provided transportation. They took people shopping and bathed Mom for me. Call your county Disabilities Dept. see what services they could provide.
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You mention SSI. Is part of your concern financial? Have you looked into Medicaid?

My heart goes out to you. I have cared for my husband and my mother, knowing that neither would get well. It is hard. I also cared for my son after an accident. What made that easier was knowing that he was going to heal and be well. Otherwise I think caring for an adult child must be emotionally challenging in ways caring for other adults is not.

I hope you can find a support group for caregivers of people who have had a stroke. And it would also be ideal to find a support group for caregivers of their adult children.

Your situation is not a common one here, but we are pretty good at supporting each other. Come back often, if it helps you to talk to people who understand caregiving.
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I'm thinking of you, too. So sorry this has happened.
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Hi - I don't have any advice. Just wanted you to know that a random person in Connecticut was thinking about you and your boy. Will keep you on my mind.
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Contact all the local hospitals and ask if they have support groups. In my area, some of the larger hospital chains (especially the Catholic ones) do have stroke support groups. You might get additional ideas for care from others in a similar situation.

Also, research online to find any Rehab Institutes or TBI (Traumatic Brain Injury) rehab or support group facilities. I'm not sure if a stroke is considered a TBI, but you still might be able to learn of different resources.

Does he need physical help as well?
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If you scroll halfway down their homepage, you will see four red boxes. The one on the right, "Life After Stroke", takes you to all sorts of information which I hope will be helpful to you and your son.

I'm very sorry that this has happened to your family, it's a terrible blow.
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States can offer differing help...which one are you in?
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