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You have to understand insurance. My Mom had a policy totaling 15k. But...The cash in value was only 3K. Under Medicaid for them to pay for Moms care I had to cash it in and they allowed me to use it for her prepaid funeral costs. Cash in value is never as much as the face amount of the policy. Whatever your sister received was probably used for his care. Either to private pay which can cost 10k a month. If applying for Medicaid, all assets (except a house) have to be liquidated for his care before Medicaid will pay. His SS and any pension get turned over to the home and Medicaid pays their share. Once on Medicaid none of Dads assets can be used to pay bills or taxes on the house. I think it would have been nice of your sister to have kept you in the loop.
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If you think your sister stoled the money you should contact the police. If dad has no money for continued care she has placed him in a very vulnerable situation, Medicaid will want answers if they are expected to help him.

Have you talked to dad or sister, money doesn't disappear, it gets used, it gets stolen it can even be saved but it doesn't just disappear. Be sure and make sure and get copies if you can of her signature cashing in policies.

So sorry you have to go through this, I pray your dad is okay and doesn't face hard times over this. Good luck getting it sorted out.
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