My sister has had sculaderma for 15 years and the last she has been totally disabled. She can no longer walk and sleeps in a lazy boy chair. She hasn't been in a bed in years. She has two girls with no medical background who come over and stay with during the night. I was at my sister's last week and the refrigerator was empty so on Christmas Eve I was out grocery shopping and made a list of things for these girls to cook for her. They both told me that my sister doesn't want anything to eat. The paramedics took her to the hospital two nights ago when one of the girls dropped her trying to get her to the bathroom. I remember about six months ago my sister had a social worker and we were having a meeting one day and the social worker said she could lose her job if the state finds out my sister is living like this. I asked my sister where the social worker is now and she doesn't know and she not been replaced. I have looked at assisted living across the street from where I live and I could see her everyday and I would have to take her dog. My sister will have no part of it. She's not leaving her beautiful home to go into assisted living without her dog. Her physician knows how bad she is why hasn't she done anything. My sister has no appetite at all for anything. My sister also lost her husband a year ago. My sister sits in that lazy boy chair wet from pee all day long and has sores on her. The girls who take care of her do their best but they just really keep her company. I keep telling my sister she needs to have real nurse with her and she says she can't afford. I know she can. I told her I would move in with her as I could cook for her but I don't know anything about her medical needs and then she could afford it. She stills says no. I live over an hour drive to get to my sister. I living in Banning California and if anybody has heard The Lakes across the street from me is where I want to go. She would pick out her own apartment with 24 care, 3 meals a day, I can take her dog to see her everyday. Please help I don't know what to do anymore. My sister and I are all we have left.

If I called adult protective services no one can just take her put her anywhere they can? Also my sister lives in Claremont and she could afford assisted living a the lakes. Thank you quick reply.
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If she is mentally competent she has the right to make her own decisions however bad they may be. You can’t force her to do anything and neither can her doctor. Have you called adult protective services and reported your sisters living conditions? If you haven’t, you should. That might get the ball rolling. You can also contact the Riverside county department of social services (assuming sister is in same county as you). Can your sister afford over $3k a month for assisted living? Medi-cal does not pay for room And board at an assisted living so are you sure your sister can afford to live at The Lakes?
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