Sister is stealing moms money from bank accounts and investments. Sister put her name on all moms bank accounts with mom. Sister got mom to sell her paid for home and buy a really expensive new home with moms name in a $269,000 mortgage, and sister now has claimed she owns 1/2 of moms home. Mom makes all mortgage payments so far for 1 1/2 years. Sister has lost 3 jobs/3 homes in last 6 years and was broke with no job when mom let sister move in with mom and take care if mom. Sister was LPN nurse but has had no job since she moved in with mom 3 1/2 years ago. Sister pays all bills and her extravagant living expenses with moms bank accounts. (sister used to do drugs/fired from jobs/college drop out-bad grades-lies-very domineering and now that dad is deceased-sister controls mom and all moms money. Sister says she's going to retire on moms money and there will be no inheritance for me or my kids now. Sister was executor of Dad's will and after mom dies inheritance was to be split between 3 sisters. But this older sister plans to transfer all moms money to herself so there will be nothing in moms name for inheritance when she is deceased. Mom doesn't believe sister would steal from her and doesn't want to press charges. Sister blocked me from mom and herself and bad mother-alienated me to mom. Mom now parrots anything my sister tells her last I spoke to her 1 1/2 years ago. Mom has no understanding of finances, can't pay bills and doesn't even know that sister put her name on moms deed of new house. What to do? I don't want to do law suit. Sister falsely threatened me 20 times every law suit under moon yelling at me when I showed her I saw deed to new moms home with sisters name on deed, too. I told her it was elder abuse. So she started ranting and raving. I want nothing to do with her. Mom wants sisters care as she doesn't want to believe sister is stealing from her mom doesn't want press charges. If I report to elder abuse will they investigate and have power to press charges and remove mom from sisters care? What to do?

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Snowbell, I am really curious how Mom was able to obtain a new mortgage when she has Alzheimer's/Dementia. And you mentioned your sister had lost 3 homes in the past 6 years. Thus, was she renting or owning these homes? Otherwise if she had owned the first home, a bank rarely gives a person a mortgage if they had to foreclose on a house, normally one would need to wait a certain number of years before trying to obtain a new mortgage.

May I ask who is giving you this information?
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