She needs to be out of the bed sometime in the day. But no one gets her out because she "wants to go back to the bed after 10 minutes". This can't be a new problem where she is not comfortable in the wheel chair. She also has control of her bladder so she could go to a bathroom, but they keep her in diapers. If she is slow on choosing what she wants to eat, she is given a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She was recently in the emergency for dehydration. Someone should give her some water every couple hours.

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How long has she been in the NH? Did she have PT when she first went in? I think Medicare allows PT after so many days after the first set.

You know they can't make her do. Its easier just to let the patient have their way then try to talk them into something. And God, I hope I never am put in a wheelchair for the whole day. I am a lounger.

Can you get a care meeting together. Find out what the problem is. Maybe she needs to be transferred to a facility who can work with her problem. A person who is continent should not be made to wear a diaper. She should be taken to a bathroom every two hours.
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Can you find out what about the wheelchair isn't comfortable? Maybe she needs a seat cushion?

I would contact the therapy department and find out if she is getting PT, how often, and if they can evaluate her wheelchair for comfort.
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How old is your sister? My sister had this happen at age 26, yes was in hospital and then in a nursing home for some months. She fought all the way, including pressure to go into a sheltered workshop. She is now 75, living at home, still working as an accountant, has largely overcome her aphasia, highly tech savy, types with her left hand as her RHS is still paralysed, has a super dooper wheelchair etc. Today we went by access cab to see some new stained glass windows in a church and have lunch at a trendy hotel over the road. I’m not saying that this is possible for your sister, but just to think twice about accepting a regime that will keep her in bed forever.
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Does she really want to back to bed or are the nursing home employees just saying that?

If she really wants to be in bed that much, she may be depressed - wanting to stay in a cocoon. Is she new to the nursing home?

She needs to get out of bed, and into the world as much as possible.
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