I contested this guardianship for a reason. I am seeing that lawyers only care about how my sister lives with my mom, takes care of her per say, however no one cares to look outside of the box. Now we have bargains at a table of lawyers... it’s sad... between my mom's attorney, sisters attorney, and even mine. It’s sibling rivalry (my attorney tells me that because that’s how a judge will look at it)... yeah ok

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So, what is your reason for contesting the guardianship application?

Your sister lives with your mother.
Your sister takes care of your mother.
But, looking outside of the box as you put it.... what?

What is your objection to your sister's becoming your mother's guardian?
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DML, another forum member reminded to look to your earlier post back in Feb 2017, where your thanks and response to Jeanne's guidance explains very, very much more than you have shared here.

Sibling rivalry, actually, no.

There is a tendency to suspicion which, judging by your parents' firm determination that they would give POA to neither child, is possibly something of a family trait? And it does seem that your sister suspects you, and you suspect her, both of you with valid grounds for concern but neither of you with any substantiated reason to fear wrong done to your mother.

Where did it all go so wrong...? Reading your account, it makes me wonder from whom your sister began to take advice. Advice of the "trust nobody, suspect everybody, you will be in the frame if so much as a button goes missing, your sister will be out to get you, she wants to know where the treasure is buried, tell her nothing, be afraid be very afraid..." type. Well. I hope that person, or more likely firm, is proud of themselves. Congratulations on engineering a highly profitable scenario.

But it seems to me that your attorney should stop being too clever by half and should focus on what you in fact have been asking for all along:

transparency and/or proper oversight in the management of your mother's care
access to your mother to support your natural relationship with one another
and, granted these conditions, do you much care who's in charge?

I should imagine your mother's attorney is of the view that the court should grant his/her firm guardianship, if that's a (nicely chargeable) service they provide; and if so that's where I'd put my stake. Would you be happy with that? Could your sister live with it?
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This is hard to understand without information about 'the reason' you are contesting. It is indeed sad that you and your sister can't work together for your mother's benefit. I hope that you can find a compromise.
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Yup, sibling rivalry at its finest. Been there. Remember this is about what is best for mom. If mom does not have POA and she is incapacitated the guardianship is necessary to allow decisions to be made for mom. Since sis is living with her she is the logical choice. Maybe you think sharing guardianship would be better for mom?

I have got to say, not a chance, you are in court for a reason. Stop taking it personally and put what is best for mom above all else. Believe me, I know what you are talking about. I, too, ended up in court with my twisted sisters.
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