All their money isn't in the bank. I am pretty sure my sister is spending their money like crazy. She never has had new things like now and brags about everything she buys and nothing in her life has changed except parents was taken out of there home and she was the one and had them live with her so that's when she started having things. Help she has lost everything my dad worked for all his life.

Haven't seen my dying dad for 11 months sister took them out of their home has POA. She lost their home, she sold it, and the cars, my sister has never worked. Nothing has changed except my parents are with her and now she has so many name brand clothes, talks always about money. She put a exparte against me and I haven't seen parents in 11 months. Then I seen him first time since radiation an he don't have much time left. She took away my last year to see him and he was always in my life an I don't have much but I am so sickened no my dad can't do anything hardly for self also going bathroom on self now after taking him away from me an she has to just know clean the couch she wants to throw him in a home it's not right after all she lost an all she has took an spent someone help me please don't no what to do except cry.

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Dear Susan,

I'm very sorry to hear about what your sister has done. I would talk with Adult Protective Services and hopefully then can help you with some options.
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