Basically show up for work at clients house. He is electric wheelchair bound and 87 years old. His wife broke her hip after my shift ended and was stuck on the floor until morning shift came. He begged me not to leave him and that I didn't have to pay anything. Against my better judgement I stayed. I only worked 2 hours a day for him for the agency and had other clients too.
Now, after dealing with one of the 8 children, who has done nothing or even saying thanks; his wife was put in a home by her kids (none of their own), and basically leaving him with a months notice he is on his own. I am stuck with a lease with him.
I only agreed to finish it until he is properly tested to see what his options are. Now I get paid 35 hours a week for him, though the social worker says paying me 70 isn't enough. I agree because it's more than 70 I put in. The gentleman had given his wife a check for $1000 dollars before her accident and either forgot or refused to tell him where it was. I found it for him with his permission and request to do so. After almost a month of me covering diapers and supplies he didn't have, I was finally paid back and he paid for the stuff he wanted or needed. His wife wanted the money. Anything I have found of value I have given to his or her children(including her meds,unused debit card, blank checks etc.) Their children have no issues with me and his have no interest in him unfortunately. Twice now, he has given me some kind of compensation and now both times he has ended up messing me over or putting me in very compromising positions. Seeing now how this has affected his whole being due to trauma of events and his wife accusing me of stealing from her husband to stealing their money, I feel extremely insulted but bite my tongue. The state gave me a great reference to my employer and the social worker who just tested him unofficially and said that he can't live on his own. Told my client he should be extremely grateful to me and my kindness. He claimed he was but after he left he has been snapping at me all the time. He even grabbed his private parts while yelling at me. I figure I am covered legally. I hope since 95 percent went to his expenses, and items that improved his care. If it were not for my best friend I would have lost it by now. I realize I am burning out quickly. He is trying to back out of lease on me that saved him from being homeless and in a nursing home for awhile. HELP!!

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