My patient has basically quit eating. He drinks about a half cup coffee every morning. He is 90. Is this the start of the dying process?


His wife died 6 months ago. Hospice has been called in. He suffered a t.i.a. at 3 this morning. I have noticed him getting weaker as weeks go by. Could this be the start of the dying process?

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Yes, the Hospice Nurse should be able to tell you if this is it. Your questions should be directed to her. She should be available 24/7.
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It sure sounds like it, plus you have to remember that he is grieving the loss of his wife, and perhaps to him, he is just ready to join her.

His not drinking and being dehydrated did not help him, to ward off his recent stroke either, though through no fault of your own, as you cannot Force someone to drink, when they do not want to.
Remember, he is 90, and has lived a good long life, by most people's standards, and hopefully a joyfilled life at that! You are thoughtful to reach out, to find answers to your questions, but the Hospice Team will be your best bet, to ask them your questions, as they have an immense amount of knowledge of the dying process, specific to your circumstances. The kind folks here are also, Always ready to give you their advice understanding of Any Caregiving situation, and here as support for you too! Take Care!
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Yes, it could. What does hospice say? They have a lot of experience with end of life processes.
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HI. my mom did the same thing at 93, not to alarm you or anything, i was concerned as well and her doctor told us that her body was beginning to shut down and for us not to worry about whether she ate or drank anything, all was well. i even gave her sips of water in a spoon and she would not take it, I tired feeding her pured foods, she would not eat it, finally..i was like ok Lord, she is in your hands and let it at that..but eventually she did die peacefully in her sleep. The doctor also told us that each organ in the body shuts down one at a time and the heart is the last to go...No offence to you, but this is our experience. :)
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Recommended reading for you: "Gone From My Sight" (it's a quick easy read)
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