My partner is constantly tired. Is dementia tiring?

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My Mom has days where she requires much more sleep. I was told by her doctor that her dementia is exhausting her on these days and that she needs the extra sleep. That being said, she is not tired all the time / every day. As Sunnygirl1 suggested, an appt with her doctor is in order with some blood labs done. Could be a deficiency easily corrected, could be a med that needs adjusting, could be depression that can be treated, etc... Best of luck.
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Imagine perpetual confusion. Just thinking about how that would be 24/7 makes me tired.
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Your profile says your LO has a sleep disorder, in addition to dementia. I'd discuss being tired with her doctor. Dementia can cause a lot of physical problems, but, it could be something else too. Before her diagnosis, my LO was very tired and slept most of the day. However, once she went on medication for depression, she got better and regained her energy. So, in that case, I suspect it was her depression that was making my LO so tired all the time. Does she have a balanced diet? Does her blood sugar and blood pressure run normal? Also, she may not be getting her sleep and rest at night. A sleep aid, might help her rest better. Her doctor should be able to rule out certain things. I hope you can find some answers.
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