I was told at two different banks that she needs a valid CA Identification, one to get a medallion signature, she is unable to go to the DMV, is there any way I can get this. I am simply trying to get money from these accounts into their main checking account and neither parent, 88 and 92, both with health issues, cannot help me or go. They are in Assisted Living together with Hospice Care. Any help would be appreciated. Thank You!!!

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I don't wish to pry, but more details are needed on the fraud. To whom did your father release the personal information, and was this how fraud occurred? Were the police contacted? Perpetrators found? Fraud or security freezes placed on his credit files with the 3 credit reporting agencies?

Are there still pending issues from these actions? If so, that's probably going to affect any changes you make, especially with bank accounts. Have all the accounts affected been closed? SS and the Secretary of State, or whatever agency handles driver's licenses and ID, been notified?

Does your father by any chance have a VA ID card?

When you write that you "have executed the POA", I assume you mean that you signed an acknowledgment to serve, as only your father could execute it to allow you authority to handle his affairs?

I vaguely recall reading posts from others on how to get IDs for parents who aren't mobile, but I don't recall if any were from CA. Is it the banks that are requiring updated IDs?
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I responded to this last night, not sure if it went through, I'm not very techy, so thought I'd try again. I have executed the POA, the fraud occurred when my dad gave up all his numbers, SS, Bank Accounts, credit cards, all passwords, etc., so it has been a nightmare. That was the point he told me it was time for him and my mom to go into Assisted Living and have me start taking care of all his finances. Best part, it was his decision, my mom can't, she has dementia, her health is declining rapidly and she has hospice care, thus it is almost impossible to get her places. Every bank, Life Insurance company, SS (they don't recognize POA, I had to go and have a face to face interview to become my parents representative and they will determine if I am capable or if they need to appoint someone. To save anyone an extra trip, download the medical form off SS's website and have doctor fill it out before going in, I now have to make another trip and they don't take appointments for this process), etc. have their own procedure of having me take over, mostly because of the depth I need to go into to repair the damage from the fraud. I am also working towards getting my parents VA help, I need every i dotted and t crossed or they will deny him, which is sad, he served in two branches in two wars, has limited finances, and can no longer care for them. Thanks, I hope I can find an answer, I will keep looking.
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Have you executed the POA? What type of fraud?
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