My parents are receiving Medicaid and home care aid. If they move in with me, will they lose their benefits?



Why not talk with an elder law attorney in your state?

Your parents may be able to direct payment from their Medicaid home care program to pay you for services you provide.
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Moving within the same state, no. Moving between states would require a new application.
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I Don't think so. Benefits are based on their income. Ask their Medicaid caseworker.
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jeannegibbs Apr 27, 2018
Qualifying for Medicaid is income-based, but once you are approved, benefits are based on need. Everyone on Medicaid has very limited income.
My mother retained her benefits when she moved in with my sister. For example, she still had a cleaner come in for her part of the house. She could still have the approved hours of a aide, or my sister could get paid for that. Mom paid sis the same amount she was paying for subsidized senior housing. She probably could have continued with Meals on Wheels, but my sister lives to cook so that wasn't happening! This was a change of counties for Mom, but there didn't seem to be many differences.

Is the help your parents are getting not enough for them to remain at home? Have you talked to their case worker about a new needs assessment to see if they could get additional help right where they are?
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