They would like me to live with them and take care of them.

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In the state of PA there are Healthcare agencies who will train you, you become their employee and can take care of your parents and get paid. Call these agencies in ur parents area and see if they do this. Call office of aging to see what services they have available. Medicaid will homecare for those who qualify.
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I have a friend who took in his mother--who was homeless. He did some training as per state laws and is being paid to be her FT caregiver in his home. As he is retired, this was a blessing for him and for his mother.

It's ALWAYS tricky to establish the rules and roles of parent/child/caregiver. Please do come back with some more info so we can help more.

May I ask why are you homeless? Do you not have employment? A history of some kind that might render you incapable of holding down a job? Health issues of your own? Just inquiring--no offense intended.
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What state are you in? In some states, if your parents are on Medicaid you might be able to be paid to care for them (though not very much).

Have you contacted your county's Area Agency on Aging? They can advise you of what services your parents might be eligible for right now, and perhaps there might be some help available for you, as well.

I'm so sorry that you're homeless. Are you able to care for your parents in terms of your own health? Are your parents' disabilities such that you realistically could take care of them in the home by yourself?

Tell us some more about the situation, PJ1974, and we hopefully will have more ideas for you.
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