My next door neighbor is 92. She lives alone and has an aide taking care of her for 6 hours a day. Any advice on an elder law attorney?


Her daughter has a LOT of her money. She wants to hire a lawyer to see if she can get her money back. Her daughter lives in another state.



Barbmd, there isn't enough information for anyone to give much specific advice. Your neighbor could be an elder abuse victim, or she might be just imagining that her daughter has her money, or she might have gifted her daughter money years ago under different circumstances. It's hard to guess what's happened. You could call your state's elder abuse hotline to report what you think you know and they will probably investigate to see if there is abuse and/or if your neighbor needs more care than she is getting.
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How did the daughter get the money in the first place? Is your neighbor alleging theft or other wrongdoing? Did she execute a DPOA or POA authorizing her daughter to handle her finances? Does she have any dementia?
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She should check out the Senior Center in her town to find an elder law attorney. Many are retired and have their cards or fliers in the Center. They work on an "as able to pay" basis. This would be much cheaper than a regular attorney and they have the elders best interests in mind.
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