How do I at least obtain a 3rd party to have at least supervised visits with my mom? I do not want guardianship, I just want to be able to visit my mom. She is still in her home but he has control of her and she does not know I cannot see her or call her.

What have you tried so far?

The thing is. If some objective person in authority - just for example, bear with me - were to go to your brother and say "your sister wants to visit your mother. What's the problem?" he would NOT reply "I am a narcissist on a power trip, bite me" now would he.

He would say, taking three guesses:

1. There is no problem. I didn't know she was interested.
2. My sister has been insulting to me personally and I will not have her in the house.
3. My mother becomes very distressed when my sister visits and it takes all week to calm her down again.

The reason why this matters is that if you are going to challenge the decision he has made on your mother's behalf about your visiting your mother, you have to focus on what to challenge.

Generally, a person has the right to see her children. Your mother has the right to contact with you. But there *can* be reasons why it would, genuinely, not be in her best interests for that to happen.

So what is the situation with your family, as far as you can tell?
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I had Duriable P.O.A over my grandmother.But my mom went thru the courts and had it dismissed saying things that was not true.Now my grandmother is in a group home.And my mother has stopped all visits and calls from me.I haven't seen my grandmother in about 2yrs now.Is my mother allowed to stop my visits?
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