My 93 year old mum moved to a care home 7 weeks ago as we could no longer cope at home she lived with us for 5 years, she now won’t eat anything and spits out her tablets, keeps saying help me, I feel sick , repeatedly and she hates it there. I feel so sad that my whole visit is around these points.

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So sorry you’re both going through this. My mom went through a similar phase when she was in rehab after the hospital, thinking she was going to be ill. Each bite needed assurance that she wasn’t. The dr did put her on zofran in case her nausea was real. Perhaps that or pepto bismol would help? Could any of her meds have nausea as a side effect?
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Dear Florence,

I know moving your mum to a care home was a difficult decision. I'm so sorry she is upset and is not eating. Try talking to the nurse or doctor and see if they can convince her to take her food and meds.

It was hard for my grandmother to move into her nursing home room at 90 but they felt she was safest there.

From reading other posts, some have suggested not visiting as much to allow their mum or dad to adjust to their new surroundings. I know others will add more.

Thinking of you.
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