Cheryl777 Asked December 28, 2017

My mother's PCP recommends hospice care at home. My Mom has Medicare and tri-care for llife. Will they take her SS money?


My Mom doesn't qualify for Medicaid. Thus, will her portion of the home we all own have a lien placed on it for this hospice care? Will they take her SS or retirement money to pay for the hospice? We only ask because I'm sure hospice isn't going to pay for her food, her depends, her clothes, etc., and we simply don't have the money to do so.

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freqflyer Dec 29, 2017
Cheryl777, both my parents were on Hospice care, and I never received a bill or any liens were placed on their assets from Hospice because Medicare covered the items that were needed to make my parents feel more comfortable.
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36hourday Dec 29, 2017
We learned with my Dad about Hospice. i work in the medical field 28 years--and we were also sold on Hospice. They were awesome and my father also had Medicare, Mailhandlers, Tricare for Life. The only thing to be wise on that they don't tell you up front is once you are on Hospice you can no longer seek medical treatment. Insurance will not pay for this as long as your under Hospice. Now hospice offers care but it is comfort care (basically drugs to keep them comfortable)
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RebeccaCP Dec 28, 2017
Hospice is a covered Medicare service. There should be no lien placed on the home by Medicare like Medicaid might do.

My mother-in-law is on hospice at home, and it's covered by Medicare. While her food and clothing aren't covered by Medicare (and the resulting hospice), the medications, continence supplies (when needed), wheelchair, walker, oxygen, bed and the nursing/home care visits, and the like are covered by the hospice coverage on Medicare. I've never received a bill and will not have a lien placed by either the hospice company or Medicare and we continue to use her retirement and SS money to pay for the housing and her personal needs - Medicare doesn't touch that at all.

My father's partner was also on hospice (but it was only 3 days) - we were never billed, it was all covered by Medicare and no one put liens on the property.

I'm not sure if that answers the question or helps. I can only stress that Medicare covers hospice and doesn't operate in the same manner as Medicaid, which does have the ability to put liens on property.
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