Honestly it seems to have made her more agitated than ever and now I don't even get the pleasure of a small bit of peace in the mornings. She is hateful all the time. I have to keep the doors locked because she wanders and she cannot be in my line of site at sll times. She is now using the phone to call any and all phone numbers of anyone at all to ask them to come a pick her up and take her home (this is her home) she continually calls information to find the phone number of her house.
When I try to talk to her she gets very combative and abusive. I put alarms on the doors so that if she opens them an alarm sounds. She is promissing to call the police and report me for not allowing her to leave. I suggested a walk and she does not want to go with me but away from me and back to her home. If I go in my room for respite she comes to my room and starts berating me again. What can I do?? I feel like I am losing my mind!!!

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You need to stop the medication and call her doctor. She could have a UTI on top of all this. If u have a PCP treating her for her Dementia, I suggest a neurologist to determine meds.
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