My mom has lost hundreds of thousands of dollars due to theft. I discovered all the theft after another brother who took care of her noticed checks and even a brokerage account that they didn't know about till 2017. I took over mom's care and my thief of brother is trying to cover his crimes by blaming me now. What can I do? I have all the hard evidence from the brokerage firm and it shows that the thief set up a false account as Joint Right of Survivorship 8 yrs ago and has wiped out everything after I discovered what he was doing. My caretaker brother died in June 2017 and was also falsely accused, now everything is on me. My own children and relatives believe the stories told them because my older thief brother claiming I did all this now. He even had checks sent to his house, direct deposited them and states I forged it. This is so crazy. It is so crazy that they set me up to be shot six times, by Swat stating I was holding them hostage and attempted to kill. Although all was dropped because the police found so many different versions and the brother's responsible are being looked at now for false reports and more. Still, all I want is to clear my name, help my mom and move on. Where do I start and how with little money for an attorney? There is so much more to this story it could be a movie. Help from anybody would be much appreciated. Thank you

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The police SWAT team shot you 6 times? I think I would file a law suit against them as well.
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Dear Blueice,

I'm very sorry to hear what has happened in your family. I hope you will consider talking to a social worker, law enforcement or Adult Protective Service or and Elder Law Attorney and see what can be done to address the crimes your brother has committed.
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Why would your own children and other relatives believe thief brother. Will they look at the evidence you have?

Police disregarded brother's complaints against you, for lack of credible evidence. But you seem to have credible evidence against brother. What he did is criminal. Have you reported it as a crime?
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Contact APS to initiate an elder financial abuse case investigation.  They have the resources to get to the bottom of the theft. They have the ability to access all bank transfer records even if they appear to have been deleted. You will not have to have an attorney for them to investigate.
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If you do not have a lot of money, contact the local Legal Aid office or the local College of Law and see if they can suggest someone who will assist you for a reduces fee.
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