I am so sick of being yelled at by my 87 year old mother when I am on my personal cellular phone.

I know that mental illness runs in the family and I think she has it by now.

It happens almost every time I am on my cellular phone. She will tell me that I am talking too loud which is NOT true.


Today it happened again and then she embarrassed me so bad that I let her talk to my friend since she was harassing ME and NOT letting me enjoy my conversation.

I did go outside for a moment to get away from her ABUSE.

It only helps when I am out there and then it continues when I return back inside. I am NOT sure if she is jealous when i am on my own personal phone. I find this situation to be very strange and uncomfortable.

Is there any proper advice that I can receive from somebody out there?

Thank you.

sincerely yours,



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Does it happen on short visits to your mother? I have to admit that when I visit someone and they then take a long phone call, it seems quite rude to me. I would never take a call myself during the visit, because the visit is the priority. If you are spending a lot of time with her, the situation is different, but it still might be less annoying if you leave the room.
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Just go to the other room or outside, if you can leave her alone. My husband does same thing, he wants to know, who i am talking to. Since he can't hear he puts the Tv so loud i can't hear if someone calls me. He geta angry every time when someone calls me even if is his own relatives. Sometimes I make calls in the morning before he is up.
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A friend has that problem with her 90 yr old mother. Every time I am on the phone with her I can hear her mother in the background yelling. Her mother pays her and all of her expenses and thinks that her daughter owes her all of her time and attention 24/7. She is very demanding. She simply will not tolerate her being on the phone. My friend has started speaking with friends late in the evening after her mother goes to bed. That is the only solution my friend has found that allows her to have uninterrupted conversations with friends. She is looking for a job to go back to work and not live with her mother any longer. Her mother will have to go to an assisted living.
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