She will keep him by her side in the chair not letting him go outside to handle his business and feed herself or potty.

She will even shut the door so he can't escape. What should I do?

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Mom does the same including shutting the door. I have her release the dog periodicly to go do it's business. The dog doesn't mind though. It's an older dog and will itself whine if mom isn't cuddling it. Even if I hold it, it'll continue to whine until mom holds it.

I too would not leave a little dog alone outside even in a fenced yard. I don't go so far as to walk it around on a leash. I will keep an eye on it while it's outside. I fear a mountain lion running off with it clutched in it's jaw. It happens.
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be careful about just putting the little dog outside by himself. there are hawks and coyotes and foxes looking for just a tasty snack! best if you can take it out on the leash.
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Do you live together? If yes, it is your responsibility to make sure the dog gets outside and have time to eat. Is the yard fenced? If yes, then put the dog outside while you help Mum get ready for the day. Give the dog its breakfast when Mum is eating hers.

Do the same at lunch and dinner, put the dog out for a few minutes, then feed it while she eats. Hopefully she will recognize the need for a routine.

Now I know dogs do not need to be fed three times a day, but setting up a routine for Mum is important,. You can divide the usual amount of food between the three time periods.

If you do not have a fenced yard, then it is trickier.

Now, if I read your question another way, your Mum is not taking time for herself to eat or toilet, in which case you still need to set up a routine for her to follow. Try to get her to move to the dining room, kitchen table etc, but after toileting or do the toileting after the meal. Give Mum her meal and if she is not hungry, do not set a full plate in front of her, just a couple small items, she can easily eat, ie tea sandwiches. While she is eating let the dog out, making sure she knows he will be back waiting for her when she finishes her meal.
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