On Medicare, but needs Medicaid. Will Medicaid pay for 24 hour a day/ 7 days a week nursing care in her home?

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No. Neither Medicaid nor Medicare will pay for 24/7 home caregivers. That would be Utopia.

If someone is eligible for Medicaid I believe the family can receive a few hours per week visits from a CNA.

Please re-think taking your mother home unless you make arrangements for the to hire an agency to help care for her. Or maybe think about selling her home and moving her into a senior community. Then she may find she has more money to pay for in home care.

Good luck!
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Tilsopha, may I ask if your Mom may be starting to have some memory issues because what is normal for a person of her age [91 as per your profile]?

Why I ask, sometimes those with memory issues will say they want to go home, but the home they mean is their childhood home, back when life was easy and fun for a child.

As for Medicaid paying for around the clock care, I agree with the other writers, Medicaid will not pay for that service as it cost the taxpayers less money for a person to be in a nursing home getting that type of care.
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No, its probably cheaper to have her in the NH.

At even $10 an hour, 24 hrs a day its $240, $1680 a week and $6780 a month. Over 80k a year.
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You can check what kind of support Medicaid offers on your Medicaid provider's website for your own state - Google Medicaid in [name of state] and you should be able to find it fairly easily.

But. Even leaving aside the unlikelihood that she'll get Medicaid to cover her care needs, on the face of it it doesn't sound like a promising idea. Your mother is in a Nursing Home because she has recently had a stroke, is that right? How long has she been there?

What I'm hoping is that we'll be able to suggest ways of helping her to settle in better, rather than risk her going home, deteriorating further, and finding herself bounced back in a worse state to the same NH or one she likes even less.

What is is she's not happy about? Do you agree with her point of view?
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in some states Medicaid will provide very limited in home care. usually paying for only 5-10 hour of care per week.

why is she leaving the nursing home? Does the NH know she has no support in her home?
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