My mother owes $100,000 to nursing home but is not getting proper care. Will we able to transfer her to another nursing home?

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If you cannot move mom you can at least contact your state ombudsmen and express your concerns so that the NH can investigate those concerns. It could be that your ideas of proper care differ but if there any real issues on safety, then the state can enforce them
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Really 100k owed?
NH usually do not let a bill become significantly past due & will send out a "30 Day Notice" to move long before a resident hits 6 figures owed.
Is it due to a transfer penalty being placed by Medicaid as something has turned up; and surfaced months & months later or at the annual recertification? So medicaid clawed back all payments? If this is the case, the penalty details will be noted in the states system. So any move will likely require a substantial deposit plus someone signing a admissions agreement to pay.
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Same questions as FF. I would think a nursing home would have taken action before the debt hit $!00K.

Regardless, I suspect that the debt has been reported to the 3 credit reporting agencies, and if any other potential nursing home does a credit check, that would be a red flag.

Second issue is transfer of records, which I would think a substitute nursing home would want. Given an outstanding debt, the first NH might refuse to provide the medical records.

Third issue is what constitutes the improper care. Have you had consults, meetings with the staff? Proposed changes or resolutions that weren't made? Contacted an Ombudsperson? Documented the improper care?

I'm suspect that any subsequent facility is going to ask why you want to move your mother, what the issues were and how you attempted to resolve them.

What are the reasons your mother is in a nursing home? And how long has she been in this one? I ask because, in part, those reasons might explain what could be interpreted as improper care, and could be used as grounds for rejection by another facility.
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Linda, curious how your Mom is now owing $100k for a nursing home? I assume she went in either as self-pay and ran out of money, or Medicaid was to cover for her care. Please let us know what happened.
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