So, we finally got my mother who has Alzheimer’s, to wear depends because she ran out of underwear, but not without a few issues. First she tried to wash them out in the sink, but today the day CG told me she caught her tearing the stuffing out of the crotch area!! I was speechless, has anyone had this happen?

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It is just so sad, they don’t know any better!
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My Mom did this too. Always felt she thought it was a sanitary pad.
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Yeah, it's amazing things that might happen. I'd likely just have her supervised at all times, so she isn't able to do that. My LO would put things in odd places. Once she put the cable box in the kitchen cupboard. lol She had no idea that she did it.
I'd keep close watch on her because, she might put the depends in the toilet and flush. I've heard of that before.
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Vlounew Aug 26, 2019
Right, that’s what we are afraid of now, she has already flooded the bathroom once by flushing paper towels!
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