My mother needs to see a neurologist but has no insurance. What can I do?

There are clinics to help the indigent if that is the case.
Is your mother a US Citizen?
Contact the Area Agency on Aging for your county and ask for a needs analysis and help finding her care.
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She must have Medicare unless she has never worked or had a husband that worked inbthe US. Depending on her income, she may qualify for Medicaid. Check with your Social Service office.
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Is your mother on medicaid or medicare?
Does your mother have assets?
If this is emergent situation (symptoms of stroke, etc) your Mom should go to the ER.They can settle later any billing.If she has no funds then they can bill her until H___ freezes over. If she has to go to hospital then a social worker can help you with the whole insurance thing.
Are you her POA?
Does she have a regular doctor?
So many questions for you, so do know if will help us answer or give you ideas on what to do if you give us more details. I sure wish you good luck.
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Get her insurance sorted out before she sees the doctor.

You will be hit with higher premiums if you don't. I know that Medicare supplemental can charge higher premiums if the person let their coverage lapse for non payment.

Take one problem at a time in order of priority or you will soon burn yourself out. Right now, getting her insurance is the most important thing you can do for her future care. Unless she is filthy rich and can afford to self pay for the medical industry.
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If she doesn't have Medicare, she sould be signed up for MEDICAID--a different animal.

And you need to check to see if said Dr. accepts MEDICAID patients. Many take some, but up to a certain point. They would be out of business if they took all the Medicaid pts that need help.

My SIL is a Dr. and he has a limit of Medicaid pts he is allowed to carry. For a workup visit, which would cost over $350, he gets paid $18 for a Medicaid pt. Work the math, the hospital for which he works is OK with a certain amount of 'poverty patients' but bottom line--they have to make money.

And alternative would be taking mom to a teaching hospital. They are not-for-profit, and do take more Medicaid pts.

(And it's spelled 'neurologist'--not to put you down, it's a hard to spell word, but you need to be looking for a Dr. with the proper terminology)

Good Luck!!
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