She cannot get up by herself or get to the shower by herself and needs someone to help. My parents are on a fixed income, so private agencies are not an option.

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Your message had a few red flags so I am including more suggestions than you requested. Sorry if it is info overload.
About the income. Most seniors are on fixed income and when their health fails if they don't have family to help take care of them they have to exhaust their savings and assets and apply for Medicaid. 
It's important that they do this in a method that is acceptable to Medicaid rules in the state they live in. Most of us don't want this. But we have to look at the facts.
Seek the help of a qualified elder attorney in your parents area who can advise you and them on necessary documents to protect them and insure that they are eligible for any services they might need now and going forward.

Depending on what type Medicare your mom is on and what state you live in, home health care can be ordered for your mom by her doctor. Now this care is minimal but very helpful if it fits your moms circumstances. A nurse comes once a week and checks the patients vitals, does any wound care necessary, sets up meds. An aid can be ordered to come in at least twice a week to bath the patient and do simple things like change the linens and put them in the wash. If OT or PT is needed the home health can help get it started. OT can assist in letting your mom know what handicap supports need to be installed and strengthen her remaining muscles to keep her in her best health. Your moms dr has to sign orders for this service. A good health care will assist you in getting these services in place IF they are available in your state and for the conditions your mother has.
Your moms situation sounds like you need more care than this but every bit helps has been my experience.

You might start by going to the Medicare website and looking for HH in your area. They are rated on the Medicare website. Call and speak with them and see if they can inform you about services in your state and with your moms condition.  I would call more than one to see if you receive the same answers. 

Also if either or both of your parents are veterans you might research what aid is available for vets. 

You might also call the Area on Aging and discuss with them an assessment for your mother to learn what services are available in your county and more importantly what services she needs.

This is hard for you and your mom. Parents can get stuck in denial about the help they need and the fact that it has to be paid for. They have to pay for it or the government pays for it. But not everyone qualifies. Children of these elders often get caught in a seemingly endless cycle of caretaking that can leave them exhausted and broke and unable to care for themselves when their time comes. The caretakers spouse and children and grandchildren get neglected. So make sure you look into the legal aspects as well as what Medicare and Medicaid offer. You won't do anyone a favor by spending your own money and enabling parents to remain in denial.   

You can find a great deal of Information on this site to support and educate you on caregiving. Come back and let us know how you are doing and what has worked for you.
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