My Mother needs medication reminders and a dog walker. How can she pay for this need?


She lives at Bloom at Belfair and pays her whole Social Security check them. She needs help with taking her medication at the correct time. She has a pet and is becoming confused and I believe it is because she does not take her medication when needed. I need to find out how to apply for the $500 grant.

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If the grant you're referring to is from the state, contact your state's Office on Aging. Additionally, regarding your mother's meds and confusion...perhaps you need to speak to her Dr. in that the confusion could be causing her not to take her meds when needed. Regardless, I'd be very concerned about my mother caring for a pet with any confusion.
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Laura...check with your Mom's vet. They might know of a trustworthy dog walker who loves animals. Hope this helps. As to the grant, I am unfamiliar with it. Wish I could help.
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Laura. where did you learn about the grant? It's my understanding from a conversation with a private duty company I was considering hiring that grants are available to agencies. I don't know about whether they're available to individuals as we didn't discuss that.

You'll need to know what agency provides the grants; that's the first step. I did find some information by googling "caregiving grants". Apparently the Family Caregiver Alliance does fund some grants. Best options are to (a) ask the SW at the facility and (b) search online, starting with the Family Caregiver Alliance.

As to walking her dog, I think she might ask a Senior Center if there are people who want to help; sometimes young folks will do this as a way to make money before they're old enough for more permanent commitments. She can also Google "dog walking services" in her area. Your profile doesn't give any information on where your mother is staying other than "Bloom at Belfair", so I don't know if that's in SC or some other state.
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Hi, Laura. Independent Living doesn’t mean abandoned by the staff of the facility. There should be a social services department and an administration who oversees the entire facility. They may have suggestions on moving her to Assisted Living or even having a caregiver come to help her with her meds.

I’m not clear on what grant you mean either, but the administration of her facility should be able to help with that as well. If she is not caring for her dog, you may need to take over it’s care if paying for a pet sitter isn’t possible. Call your local humane shelter. One of their dedicated volunteers may offer to come by to care for her dog. 
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Sorry, we are a forum of caregivers sharing our experiences and information hoping to help each other. Sometimes just to vent. We are from all over the US, Canada, UK and other countries.

What Grant are you talking about. When it comes to walking the dog, maybe there's a bulletin board where you can post something asking for a dog walker.

Phillips has a product where you can fill it with 10 days of Meds for as many times a day needed. You set the times for meds, a voice comes on and tells you its time to take your meds. A button is pushed and the med dispensed. If the button is not pushed then u are called.

Your Mom may need more help than the independent living can give. Are there other things she isn't remembering to do? Like feed the dog.

Some other members may chime in.
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