My mother lives with me and is currently in rehab. The therapist there says she needs 24/7 care. Will Medicaid pay for home care?


She is on Social Security, has no assets and a $5000.00 life insurance policy for funeral expenses. To get her the care she needs I will have to put her on Medicaid. I would like to get her home care for 5 days a week while I am at work, will Medicaid pay for this, how much will they leave her from her Social Security and will they take my salary into consideration? I live on Long Island in New York.

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It maybe better to have her go to a NH. Medicaid will cover that but not 40+ care at home. I would talk to the Social Worker at the rehab and explain that u cannot care 24/7 for Mom and what are ur options.
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She may be eligible for far less than 5 days a week.
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They won't take your salary into consideration. See an elder law attorney, New York has some unusual and innovative policies on Medicaid. Maybe BarbBrooklyn will be by to help more.
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