My 91 year old Mother has rapidly declined in the past 2 months. All she wants to do is sleep. It is even becoming a challenge to get her to eat when it is time to. Should I try and make her wake up and try to get her to do something. She appears to have completely given up on life.

Great advice from Isthisrealyreal. First thing is make a doctor's appointment. If there's nothing that can be adjusted for her, like her meds or if she has depression, the doctor might approve hospice to assist you in assisting her. If so, when my mom was on hospice, they advised me not to wake her, just keep an eye on her. Best wishes to you both.
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Can you get her to the doctor? That would be my first step, just to ensure she doesn't have something going on that is easily treatable.

I would also take a complete list of all her medications to the Pharmacy and ask them if anything she is taking could be causing an adverse reaction.

My dads dad was taking 90 pills a day, when he changed doctors the new doctor was dumbfounded that he was being given the medications and the combination of medications he was. Took him off everything that wasn't critical and low and behold, he was a new man.

If it is none of these issues, you should ask her doctor about hospice. It may be nearing her time and they will help both of you tremendously, even if she's not close, they can help you and her.

May God bless you both.
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