She doesn’t want to leave her apartment. She has always been particular and not friendly.
The Assisted Living thinks she needs a higher level of care. AL’s seem to want people who can walk better than her 20 feet. Does anyone have experience with this?

Thank you I will ask for the needs assesment.
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Assisted Living is just that. They will assist their residents but not supervise them 24/7 as the staff would in Skilled Nursing or Memory Care. You would not want to place Mom in AL and then discover it’s not the right place for her and need to move her again.

Meet with the staff at Mom’s current facility and discuss her needs and prognosis with them. Take their advice. My mom was particular and antisocial as well, but she did ok in her facility.
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So where is your mom right now, at home or in rehab?

Have you requested a "needs assessment" either when she was in rehab or form the local Area Agency on Aging?

Someone needs to weigh in on what your mom needs. Us "kids"? what do WE know? Really, you need professional advice!
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