Or the thought of seeing family members again in Heaven. This worries me greatly, is it unusual?

Mother was perfectly fine, mentally, when daddy died. She didn't cry, she didn't seem to grieve. (I know this is very personal and she probably just didn't do it in public).

She also really never speaks of daddy. I noticed she had NO pictures of him, anywhere in the apartment, and then on another visit, she had put out one of him.

I know she had a relatively good marriage. She did resent him being ill--she hated the CG she had to do and once he was gone she pursued her own life with zeal.

She doesn't talk about people who are gone unless they come into the conversation. She's a bit of a Narcissist, so this isn't abnormal.

Some people can lose someone, shut the door and not open it again. Not saying that's healthy, but I do see it a lot.
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Nanajan1234 Jan 17, 2019
Thank you SO much for your reply and especially for sharing your experience. As I was reading it, you could easily be talking about my mother! Exactly, Exactly the same!!!
I have decided that I have to let a lot go! There is only one person I can change and that’s me! If she were not my mother, I’d most likely fade into the sunset. However, since that’s not the case, I’m going to do what I can, Love inspite of, and let God handle the rest! Many thanks, I truly appreciate your thoughts and words! NJ😍
Thanks for your replies. She is so difficult, into her own self, and would you believe materialistic at her age, that I get “lost” within myself wondering and worrying about her spirituality! I am so thankful that we all serve such a loving and merciful God! This website is an amazing source of information, support, and comfort. Thank you so much. NJ 😍
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Nanajan, I see from your profile that your your Mom has Alzheimers/dementia so that could explain why your Mom never mentions your late Dad. Her mind could be at pre-Dad time.

Thus, I wouldn't worry about this, as each one of us grieves differently, then throw in memory loss, and it can become quite complex. I would just let it go.
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She has Dementia. Her brain is dying with that memories are lost. When we die, we become whole again. So, we will know LOs.
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