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Call your county VA office. Ask about Aids and Attendance. You will need Dads discharge papers. Not the one suitable for framing but the typed paperwork. My Dad had everything given him in same envelope he received it in. You will need Moms financials. The more info you have the better. It will take longer to get info if the VA rep has to get it.
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Unless something’s changed, any member of the armed forces - and their spouse - is entitled to a military funeral and to be buried in a military cemetery. If you need a place to start, I’d call Arlington Cemetery in DC (technically No VA) and ask who you’d talk to in your area.
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There is VA aid and attendance that can provide a few hundred monthly. You can ask for assistance from any Vets facility. You need to produce the proper discharge papers. My MIL received it and later it was figured into her Medicaid. If your mom is almost at the level of going on Medicaid and requiring LTC. It will mean double paperwork
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