Either she doesn't care, or she doesn't notice or both. She puts her urine soaked clothes with the clean clothes I wash. I don't know if she's bathing. She is on a diuretic for her heart problem. I work full time and come home to this. Exhausted.

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Thanks for the advice. I will keep it under advisement. Yes, my mother is home alone by herself all day. This is the only problem of consequence she seems to have. She tears through a half dozen crossword puzzles a day. She is smarter and more "with it" than most 20 year olds. She even still drives short distances.
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Jimbo, time to remove from the dresser drawer all of Mom's underwear.... replace with Depend type garments. Unless you think Mom would go without any undergarments.

You may have to try different brands before Mom finds a pair that she likes. On the Internet there are companies that will send out samples to try.
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Mom is alone all day? Does she have dementia? If she isn’t wearing incontinence pads, she needs to be. But, DON’T call them “diapers” or Pampers to her face. That is humiliating to the one who needs them.

You didn’t ask for this advice, but do you think Mom needs to be someplace? If she is incontinent and also in charge of her own hygiene, she may not be able to handle that. I understand your reluctance to bathe her, but if she is not bathing, she could suffer from skin infections and urinary tract infections, which are vicious in the elderly.

Maybe time to speak with her doctor and find out what they think.
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